After time wearing your stamped jewelry – it’s entirely possible that the text of your hand-stamped cuff can begin to fade. This is totally fixable!!

My favorite way to freshen up Lemon Kissed hand-stamped cuffs is EASY, and all you need are a few items. You’ll need an ImpressArt Enamel Pen (Amazon affiliate link) and a napkin or paper towel.

Simply cover your stamped text with the enamel pen, making sure to fill in all of the text. Don’t worry about being sloppy at all, it all wipes away! Once the enamel is applied, I like to leave it on the cuff for about 2-3 minutes. After that, you can rub the enamel off with the napkin or paper towel. This will clean up your cuff, and leave the enamel inside the text – which gives it new life once again.