The Lady Behind Lemon Kissed

Writing about myself sure isn’t easy. I’ve sat with this tab open for quite awhile, and in that time, I’ve poured some wine, changed laundry around, contemplated cleaning a litter box and have whined about how hard this task is. BUT I love hearing about other artists, so maybe you want some Shauna tidbits; some nuggets, if you will. I mean, what if the next Trivia Night you attend has a whole category on “the weird Lemon Kissed lady”?! So, here’s me, in a nutshell.

Hi. Hey. I’m Shauna. I’m a mama to two handsome boys (Taylor and Carsten) and a wife to my incredibly patient & good-looking husband, Trask. I’m a native Oregonian, born and raised in Eugene, and living in Hillsboro since 2005. I cheer for my Alma mater, University of Oregon, and I’d like to think I bleed yellow and green. I have a knack for making things awkward, but in a fun way, I hope. I take way too many pictures, and I’m unable to pass up an IPA or a margarita. I have super strange dreams, I snort when I laugh, volunteering is my jam, and I’m most definitely on a mission to make the world a happier place, even if it’s just a little corner of this wild world. I recycle, I pet all the dogs that I possibly can, and have a passion for animal rescue – where my three cat children came from (Sugar, Cece, and Schmidt). I’m a lazy neat freak, with a passion for colors, textures and patterns – which is what I love most about creating jewelry pieces.

Lemon Kissed has been around since 2010, and I am back from a little artist break – feeling recharged, inspired and still so passionate about art. I’m more than happy to be creating once again. I have always loved creating art – from poems and short stories growing up to doodles, graphic design, home decorating, painting and jewelry making. I feel most like myself when I’m making something, or making someone laugh.

I’m always happy to chat! Feel free to like the Lemon Kissed page on Facebook or drop me a line. (I’m 99% sure that means write me an email).

Peace and hugs,